This enterprise is undergoing a transformation from closing doors and "making wedding dresses" to actively going global.

Release time:02/12/2023

In recent years, China's gradual loss of labor advantages, most of the OEM manufacturing enterprises, with the large-scale manufacturing transfer, must carry out industrial restructuring. With the continuous improvement of production costs, where should OEM enterprises go? How far does it take to go from "OEM" to "brand"?

Part 1. Traditional mode:

Zhejiang Huigang Fashion Co., Ltd. (referred to as Huigang Fashion) is an enterprise that produces sweaters. For over a decade, the company has been doing OEM work for international first-tier fast fashion brands, and its products are mainly exported to the European and American markets. To enhance the recognition of international brands, Huigang Fashion has upgraded its equipment, developed products, and designed new models. It not only focuses on the development direction of the domestic market but also grasps the overseas trend for the first time. According to the traditional model, Huigang Fashion tracks the development trends of international clothing styles through a keen eye and develops a series of products through accurate market positioning.

Part 2. Improving quality:

Export enterprises at this stage should improve the quality of clothing up to a strategic high priority, from the clothing technology research and development, plant, equipment, and technology and then to the design of clothing, product positioning, raw materials, styles, trends, grasp the integration of various aspects. From the wool yarn in the warehouse to the finished product out of the warehouse, strict quality control is to truly forge international quality, to improve the brand value-added to lay a good foundation.

Part 3 Chinese Weaving:

Shen Qiang, general manager of Huigang Fashion, knows this truth, once upon a time, Huigang Fashion was mainly a processing enterprise, playing good clothing styles, and inviting guests to the factory to select. In the future, Huigang Fashion to enter the international market, mainly in two directions, one is to continue to improve the product grade, raw materials, craftsmanship, etc.; the second is to continue to increase the enterprise's own elements, such as corporate culture, brand tone and digging deeper into the design. By focusing on enterprise publicity, product quality, design, etc., to improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises. Shen Qiang said that we should go out more so that the world can see China's "weaving".